Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Testimonials

The testimonials below are emails, notes and conversations with Diatomaceous Earth users.   We love answering question or addressing concerns.   All other projects stop when the phone rings.   It's not rhetorical when we ask you to let us know how our products our working.   We appreciate the feedback so we can improve all our customer's experiences with Lumino.

We are aware that over 30% of the time the “placebo affect” is responsible for the healing or diminished symptoms that are reported. Also coincidence could be a factor. Symptoms do come and go on their own. That said, many of these testimonials refer to situations, such as stronger, longer fingernails, more and longer eyelashes, and faster growing hair that are clearly more observational than subjective relief from pain or exhaustion. We don't make the profits necessary to conduct the double blind tests that are the gold standard for big pharmaceutical companies. We rely on anecdotes from our customers to let us knowing what is working.

After taking DE for a few months I suddenly realized that I wasn't tired all the time.   I now have energy all day long.   I no longer “poop out” mid afternoon and am accomplishing much more by the end of the day.   This is great when our grandchildren come to visit, now I can tidy up after them while they nap.

I have been using diatomaceous earth for the last year and have experienced a wonderful improvement in my health even though I'm over 60 years old. The pain in my shoulders and joints has disappeared. I am able to walk far longer than I used to. I don't know if DE will work for everyone but it certainly helped me.

Was I ever surprised.   I had the ugliest most dreadful fingernails imaginable.   I was complaining to the clerk at the health food store she suggested I try Diatomaceous Earth as other customers had told her it helped their nails.   I started taking it and in just a few weeks my nails stopped peeling and cracking.

  I made an appointment for a manicure.   Something I hadn't felt like doing for years.   I had to laugh when the manicurist told me how nice my nails looked.  Thank you so much.

L ast year I went on an extended overseas trip. I was careful about the food and water. But still came home feeling gurgly and squeamish. A trip to the clinic confirmed by worst suspicions, parasites. The recommended prescription helped me feel marginally better. I was reading a travel Blog and the author talked about how she had had used Diatomaceous Earth to eliminate a nasty case of parasites. I found your jar at my local food coop. Within just a couple of weeks, I was my usual self again. Later, another visit to the clinic confirmed that there were no parasites.

Thank you seems like I am not saying enough - - for the 1st time in years I have fingernails! I am amazed by how fast and strong they are growing. Have started using your DE on my toothbrush and love the extra clean mouth and teeth feeling

I had been experiencing Candida symptoms for months. When I started using DE all the symptoms disappeared. I continue to take it everyday as a candida preventive.

Hot flashes every day, night sweats every night. I was exhausted and irritable. After taking DE my energy returned and my hot flashes are reduced a few a week. When we went on vacation for three weeks I stopped taking DE and my hot flashes and night sweats returned. As much as I enjoyed the trip, I could hardly wait to get home. Have DE will travel.

Since I started taking Diatomaceous Earth last year, I feel it has taken years off my age. My joint pain is greatly reduced and my skin looks much better

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